• Rainy weekend.

    Raining again

  • Incredibly useful utilities, tips & tricks. OS X . More info

  • My ‘drafts’ folder is where laughter goes to die.

  • Update OS X via terminal

    Nifty and a quick way to check for any recent updates for OS X from the command prompt:

    sudo softwareupdate -i -a

  • I will forever google; how to include a image and link in markdown!

  • Does anyone else ever have a strong desire to reply to an email with the person’s name intentionally misspelled when they misspell your name?

    —Just me?

  • Friday rain, Sunny weekend! That’ll work! #tgif

  • I call this pose: ‘Tacos on the beach’

    Bug on the beach

  • Departing Soon

    ‘Leaving on a jet plane’


  • North Shore, Oahu

    Giovanni’s Shrimp Truck — A Hawaiian garlic shrimp truck recipe straight from the North Shore. No disappointments here. You’re welcome.

  • Where you go to dream!

    Tropical breezes, waves breaking. Just chilling on the windward side of Oahu.

    hawaii beach

  • Dole Plantation - Wahiawa, Hawaii

    Rumor has it, Elvis ate here. ** So sweet and delicious! **


    December 7th, 1941 a date which will live in infamy
    Franklin D. Roosevelt

    newspaper from 1941

  • Happy Wife, Happy Life

    Wheels up! let’s Jet!

  • Great view of the Golden Gate bridge. #travel #landmarks

  • Kids First Cable Car experience. San Francisco, Ca

  • Ms Bug in a BIG city. Staying close to mama!

  • Passing through King City, California #hometown #time-lapse #travel

  • I can seriously relate to this meme. Smh

  • Kids found dad’s Black Light. #creepy

  • Sunday views #dronephotography #palmtrees #skyhigh

  • when we became an item. #tbt #firstpic #iremember

  • Running towards summer like.. #readyforsummer

  • Good morning Central Valley!

  • Ventura, California

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